This documentation describes the functionality of the codadd tool which is part of CODA.

General description

The codadd tool is a support tool for the CODA Product Format Definition (.codadef) files. It is able to verify and inspect the .codadef contents, it allows generation of HTML documentation for the product format definitions, and provides conversion functions for format definitions.

    codadd [-D definitionpath]
        Try to read all product definitions and report any problems

    codadd [-D definitionpath] doc <directory>
        Generate HTML product format documentation in the specified directory

    codadd [-D definitionpath] list [<list options>]
                               [<product class> [<product type> [<version>]]]
        Gives an overview of available product definitions
        When all of product class, product type, and format version are provided
        an overview of the product content for the specified product definition
        is given
        List options:
            -e, --expr
                    show expressions for dynamic array sizes
            -q, --quote_strings
                    put "" around string data and '' around character data
            -s, --column_separator '<separator string>'
                    use the given string as column separator (default: ' ')
            -t, --type
                    show basic data type
            -u, --unit
                    show unit information
                    show description information
                    show record fields with 'hidden' property
                    show additional lines for records and arrays
                    show additional lines for attributes
                    bypass special data types from the CODA format definition -
                    data with a special type is treated using its non-special
                    base type

    codadd [-D definitionpath] xmlschema [<xmlschema options>]
                               <product class> <product type> <version>
        Create an XML Schema file for a single product definition
        Note that this will only work if the product class/type/version points
        to a product definition for an XML file
        XML Schema options:
            -o, --output <filename>
                    write output to specified file

    codadd [-D definitionpath] definition [<definition options>] <product file>
        Create a CODA definition XML file with the format definition of a
        product. The XML file is a standalone definition file similar to those
        used within .codadef files.
        Definition options:
            -o, --output <filename>
                    write output to specified file

    codadd [-D definitionpath] dtree <format>
        Shows the product recognition detection tree for the given file format.
        Note that ascii and binary formatted products use the same detection

    codadd -h, --help
        Show help (this text)

    codadd -v, --version
        Print the version number of CODA and exit

    CODA will look for .codadef files using a definition path, which is a ':'
    separated (';' on Windows) list of paths to .codadef files and/or to
    directories containing .codadef files.
    By default the definition path is set to a single directory relative to
    the tool location. A different definition path can be set via the
    CODA_DEFINITION environment variable or via the -D option.
    (the -D option overrides the environment variable setting).