This documentation describes the functionality of the codaeval tool which is part of CODA.

General description

CODA contains an expression language that can be used to perform calculations on parameters inside a data product. The codaeval tool can be used to evaluate such an expression, either with on one or more product files or without (in case it is a constant expression). Alternatively, using the -c option, the tool will just verify if the expression is syntactically and grammatically correct.

    codaeval [-D definitionpath] [<options>] expression [<files|directories>]
        Evaluate a CODA expression on a series of files and/or recursively on
        all contents of directories
        If no files or directories are provided then codaeval should be a
        'constant' expression (i.e. it may not contain node expressions or
        functions that rely on product content)

            -c, --check
                    only check the syntax of the expression, without evaluating
                    it; any remaining options (including files) will be ignored
            -d, --disable_conversions
                    do not perform unit/value conversions
            -p '<path>'
                    a path (in the form of a CODA node expression) to the
                    location in the product where the expression should be
                    if no path is provided the expression will be evaluated
                    at the root of the product

    A description of the syntax of CODA expression language can be found in the
    CODA documentation

    codaeval h, --help
        Show help (this text)

    codaeval -v, --version
        Print the version number of CODA and exit

    CODA will look for .codadef files using a definition path, which is a ':'
    separated (';' on Windows) list of paths to .codadef files and/or to
    directories containing .codadef files.
    By default the definition path is set to a single directory relative to
    the tool location. A different definition path can be set via the
    CODA_DEFINITION environment variable or via the -D option.
    (the -D option overrides the environment variable setting).