Convert a product from its original format to a HARP compliant netCDF/HDF4/HDF5 file that can be processed further with other HARP command line tools. See the section Ingestion definitions for an overview of the product types supported by HARP.

    harpconvert [options] <input product file> <output product file>
        Import a product that is stored in HARP format or in one of the
        supported external formats, perform operations on it (if provided),
        and save the results to a HARP netCDF/HDF4/HDF5 product.

            -a, --operations <operation list>
                List of operations to apply to the product.
                An operation list needs to be provided as a single expression.
                See the 'operations' section of the HARP documentation for
                more details.

            -o, --options <option list>
                List of options to pass to the ingestion module.
                Only applicable if the input product is not in HARP format.
                Options are separated by semi-colons. Each option consists
                of an <option name>=<value> pair. An option list needs to be
                provided as a single expression.

            -f, --format <format>
                Output format:
                    netcdf (default)

            --hdf5-compression <level>
                Set data compression level for storing in HDF5 format.
                0=disabled, 1=low, ..., 9=high.

                Do not update the global history attribute.

        If the ingested product is empty, a warning will be printed and the
        tool will return with exit code 2 (without writing a file).

    harpconvert --generate-documentation [options] [output directory]
        Generate a series of documentation files in the specified output
        directory. The documentation describes the set of supported foreign
        product types and the details of the HARP product(s) that are
        produced by an ingestion.

    harpconvert -h, --help
        Show help (this text).

    harpconvert -v, --version
        Print the version number of HARP and exit.