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CODA C interface


This is the documentation that describes the Application Programmers Interface (API) for the CODA C Library. It contains a full description for each of the functions in the API and a general description for each of the modules mentioned below.

CODA definition path

Note that in order to access products whose formats are defined using .codadef files, you should let CODA know where these .codadef files are stored. You can do this by using the coda_set_definition_path() or coda_set_definition_path_conditional() functions, or you can set the CODA_DEFINITION environment variable. This environment variable should be a ':' separated (';' on Windows) list of absolute paths to directories containing .codadef files or absolute paths to .codadef files themselves (or a mix of those).


Each module has a separate section that contains its general description together with descriptions for all types, variables, functions, etc. that are part of this module.

Performance considerations

The following are some things to try that may help to improve the performance of reading data with CODA