Product Metadata

group harp_product_metadata

The HARP Product Metadata module contains everything related to HARP product metadata.


typedef struct harp_product_metadata_struct harp_product_metadata

HARP Product Metadata typedef


void harp_product_metadata_delete(harp_product_metadata *metadata)

Delete product metadata. Remove metadata and all attached variables and attributes.

  • metadata: HARP metadata.

int harp_product_metadata_new(harp_product_metadata **new_metadata)

Create new product metadata. The metadata will be initialized with 0.0 datetime_start/end.


  • 0, Success.

  • -1, Error occurred (check harp_errno).

  • new_metadata: Pointer to the C variable where the new HARP product metadata will be stored.

void harp_product_metadata_print(harp_product_metadata *metadata, int (*print)(const char*, ...))

Print product metadata. This will print a comma-separated list of:

  • filename

  • datetime_start

  • datetime_stop

  • time (dimension length)

  • latitude (dimension length)

  • longitude (dimension length)

  • vertical (dimension length)

  • spectral (dimension length)

  • source_product

    • metadata: Pointer to the metadata to print.

    • print: Pointer to the function that should be used for printing.

struct harp_product_metadata_struct
#include <harp.h>

HARP Product Metadata struct